I was born in Nuoro (Sardinia, Italy) in 1983. I got a MA in Translation (Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Torino) in 2011 with a thesis on the development of a parallel corpus for Italian, English and French.
The corpus has then become the parallel treebank ParTUT.
In January 2012, I started my PhD Program in Computer Science at the Department of CS of University of Torino, where I joined the Interaction Models (Agents, Language and Expression) Group, now Content Centered Computing group.
I defended my PhD thesis in September 2016.

Since Junce 2020 I've been a Post-Doc researcher at the University of Cagliari.

For more details, here is the complete CV.


During the PhD program, my research interests mainly focused on the automatic exploitation of linguistic corpora for translation purposes (both Translation Studies and Machine Translation).
In particular, I've been involved in the development of the multilingual parallel treebank ParTUT and in the creation of a syntactically-motivated alignment system that exploits information on dependencies provided by this parallel resource.
ParTUT now is also available in Universal Dependencies.

After my PhD, I've started working on several research topics, in particular the ones related to automatic hate speech detection, as part of the Hate Speech Monitoring projects, but also to the annotation of user-generated content, irony resources, learner treebanks, and errors and emotions in human-chatbot conversations (the latter is really new and still in progress!).


I collaborated in the development of the following linguistic resources:


For an up-to-date list of publications, see my Google Scholar profile.